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Wayne Johnson, Candidate U.S. Congress - Georgia's Second District

Why Wayne Johnson Is the Right Man
At the Right Time for the 2nd Congressional District in Georgia


The 2nd District Republican Primary covering Middle and Southwest Georgia is Tuesday, May 24. There are six Republican candidates on the ballot.

There are two important questions voters should be focused on. The first question is which one of the six congressional candidates can defeat liberal, long-time incumbent Sanford Bishop in November. The second and most important question is who is ready Day One to be a great Congressman for you in Washington, someone who brings the most experience and maturity to the job.

Wayne Johnson Official PhotoThe answer is unquestionably Wayne Johnson. Here is why:

  • Wayne has more leadership and executive experience than all the other candidates combined.

  • Wayne served as a senior official in the Trump Administration. He has seen Washington from the inside. He will not need on the job training; the rest will.

  • Wayne is a fiscal conservative, pro-life and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

  • Wayne is a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, farmer, veteran and businessman/job creator. Have any of the other candidates in the race ever created a job?

  • Wayne’s 30-year business career was in the field of finance. He is the only person on the ballot who understands the perils of runaway inflation and has the knowledge to fix it.

  • Wayne has invested heavily in the 2nd District throughout his business and personal life.

  • Wayne has personally visited all the 30 counties in the 2nd District and learned to appreciate the kitchen table issues citizens are dealing with. He has heard first-hand the problems that Republicans face in the district; none of the rest can say that.


Now, think about the above and apply the same standard to the other candidates. None have Washington experience, and one is a 28-year-old college student who was living in Connecticut before a splinter group of Washington politics elites and operatives handpicked him to be your next Congressman.

It’s time to have a great Congressman in Washington, someone who will go to Washington and “Stop the Stupid.” Please go vote for Wayne Johnson on May 24.