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Press Release: Congressional Candidate Wayne Johnson Calls Mayhaw Parade “America at its Best”

April 18, 2022
CONTACT: Dan McLagan 
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This festival reminds us of what connects citizens in our country – positive, patriotic and fun”

 COLQUITT, GA. – Former Trump Administration official and republican congressional candidate Wayne Johnson declared the National Mayhaw Festival and Parade “America at its best” after participating in the festivities on Saturday.

“It was a friendly, positive, patriotic group of folks celebrating their community and enjoying a good time with their neighbors,” Wayne said.  “That is America at its best, and the rest of the country would benefit from learning a bit from Miller County, Georgia.”

Johnson joined in the parade with his team of supporters to promote his congressional campaign, as Wayne looks to unseat Democrat Sanford Bishop who has occupied the seat for three decades.

Johnson’s supporters were heard playing Wayne’s campaign jingle “Stop The Stupid in Washington” in jest for Bishop’s parade marchers who were marching near his team. Wayne also distributed Stop the Stupid bumper stickers to the delighted crowd.

Wayne also enjoyed the Mayhaw Jelly and Mayhaw slushees.

 “The national news and Washington politicians like Sanford Bishop are truly out of touch with parts of America that are outside of large urban areas. They could benefit from coming to Southwest Georgia,” Wayne said.  “Miller County is helping to represent the best of our country – positive, patriotic and fun. I was honored to be a part of their community spirit on a wonderful Saturday for this festival.  It created a lifelong memory for me and I’m grateful to have met and celebrated with such wonderful people.”

Johnson is a rock-solid conservative candidate in the Republican Primary in the 2nd Congressional District covering Middle and Southwest Georgia. Johnson served as a Senior Official within the Trump Administration, was an officer in the U.S. Army and is an Eagle Scout.

Johnson obtained his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Mercer University and his MBA from Emory University. He was born, raised and currently resides in Macon.



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