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Press Release: Congressional Candidate Wayne Johnson Releases Plan for "Bulletproof" Absentee Ballot Security

March 4, 2022 
CONTACT: Dan McLagan 
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Congressional Candidate Wayne Johnson Releases Plan For "Bulletproof" Absentee Ballot Security

Private Sector Experience in Banking Industry Can "Revolutionize Georgia's Voting Security"

MACON, GA — Republican congressional candidate Wayne Johnson today rolled out his plan for what he called “bulletproof absentee ballot security” that will lead the nation in ensuring elections are fair, secure and inspire confidence for everybody.                                      

“The private sector is the driving force of innovation in most aspects of our lives and this is no exception,”  said Johnson, a candidate in the 2nd District Republican Primary. “The solution I pioneered to combat credit card theft fraud in the banking industry can easily be adapted to securing our ballots." 

Wayne’s Solution to Election Ballot Security

Ever wondered where that peel-off strip across the front of any new credit or debit card comes from? Johnson pioneered it when he was an Executive Vice President of VISA. And then he built a company around this new idea: A 1-800 Number with personalized security information that allowed you to securely activate a payment card. Johnson believes this same concept of card activation can be applied to election integrity. 

As your Congressman, Johnson will work to secure absentee ballots and to offer his assistance and knowledge to Georgia lawmakers to implement a pilot program to lead the nation regarding secure absentee ballot validation. 

The process which Johnson advocates  would include the following steps for absentee voters:

1. Request an absentee ballot.

2. Receive the ballot in the mail with a secure code on the envelope.

3. Using the secure code, require the voter to authenticate the ballot with two-factor personalized security information that only they know, which would then generate an Anonymous Ballot Activation Code. 

4. Place the uniquely generated Anonymous Ballot Activation Code on the ballot itself. 

5. Comply with all personal signature and driver’s license or other government ID requirements being applied to the return ballot,  as required under the new Georgia Election Integrity Law. 

6. Return the ballot using a secure envelope and follow all other processes under the new Georgia Election Law. 

7. Receive a Text once your ballot has been processed, having been assured that the uniquely generated Anonymous Ballot Activation Code has been recognized. Or go to a government website to verify ballot receipt and acceptance.

“I heard concerns about absentee ballot security in every county I went to on my 30-County tour of Middle and Southwest Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District. Now I am offering a viable, smart, proven solution process,” said Johnson, who also added, “What Georgia has done with the new Election Law and intentions toward ballot verification are noteworthy; however, without two factor authentication — being used to generate an Anonymous Ballot Activation Code —  ballots are still highly subject to harvesting and fraudulent takeover.” 









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