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Wayne, You Need a Bigger Truck!

In busines and during my time in the Trump Administration, I proved that conservative solutions can be achieved with common sense and steadfast, true leadership. Now, it's time for big and bold solutions that deliver for citizens of Middle and Southwest Georgia. The first solution is to send Sanford Bishop packing into retirement.


- Save our small businesses by helping them create jobs, not mandates and restrictions that shut their doors

- Put the American economy FIRST - not China’s economy

- Stop relying on foreign energy solutions while our gas prices skyrocket

- Stop being held hostage by a flawed international supply chain while our local farmers suffer, grocery shelves are empty, and inflation hits hard

- Restructure the broken student loan system to eliminate financial barriers to higher education
- Secure the rule of law and "Back the Blue"

- Protect the Unborn

- Stand up for our Second Amendment rights

About Wayne:

Wayne Johnson was born, raised, and makes his home in Macon where he met his wife in the 5th grade, worked at the Piggly Wiggly, and earned Eagle Scout rank. He is a husband, father, grandfather, U.S. Army Veteran, businessman, farmer, conservative Christian, and the right man to turn Georgia's 2nd District from deep blue to bright red.