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Wayne Johnson Supports Chris West In Runoff Election - Raises Issues About Jeremy Hunt

Dear Fellow Republican Voters,  

I was a contender in the recent Republican primary election for U.S. Congress in the Georgia 2nd District. Although I did not finish as one of the runoff candidates, I am pleased to have participated in the process and honored by the votes that were made in support of me and my ideas related to how to “Stop the Stupid” in Washington. I learned a lot about the needs of the people of Middle and Southwest Georgia and continue to look forward as to how we can hold our elected officials accountable so as to make Washington work for us.

I also learned a lot about the two candidates who are now in the runoff to be the Republican nominee to go up against Sanford Bishop in November.

Chris West is a man of honor and integrity. He is a devoted Christian, a family man, an Air Force officer, a jobs creator, and he has lived and worked in the district his entire life. Most importantly to me is that I am convinced that Chris West wants to truly serve the people of Middle and Southwest Georgia in Congress and has earned our trust thru a lifetime of noteworthy community involvement. Chris embodies that which is right and good about faith, family, and community.

It is my belief that candidate Jeremy Hunt is not wanting to be our Congressional representative for noble, or commitment to public service reasons. During this election process I have been a witness to multiple aspects of character that have convinced me that Jeremy Hunt is all about the personal interests of Jeremy Hunt. Most troubling to me is the extent to which Hunt has used the public’s trust in West Point as a Trojan horse to get people to trust him. An honorable West Pointer does not lie, either directly or by deception. Sadly, I have seen first-hand that Jeremy Hunt has been lying by deception since the first day of his candidacy.

It is my belief that either of the candidates will prevail in delivering a Republican victory in November. The expanded district, coupled with disenchantment with Democrats in general, and fatigue with Congressman Bishop in particular will make it so. Therefore, the single most important question we now face in this Republican primary runoff election is which of the two candidates will best represent us, and seriously care about serving the interest of Georgians in our district.

Without any doubt — nor any element of reservation — I encourage people to vote for Chris West on June 21st. Early voting is underway, beginning June 13th.


Wayne Johnson
Former Republican Candidate for Congress

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