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Press Release: Congressional Candidate, former Trump Official Wayne Johnson Hosts ‘Pig Pikin’ for Voters in Quitman County

May 11, 2022 
CONTACT: Dan McLagan 
[email protected] 

Commissioner Danny Blackmon: ‘Wayne Is the Most Qualified Candidate Ready to Go to Work on Day 1 in Washington”

GEORGETOWN, Ga. – It was the kind of old-school politics that have been forgotten in the age of technology, an old-fashioned, “y’all come” event by a candidate to say thanks to his supporters and welcome new friends.

In a throwback to the way politics used to be, Congressional Candidate and former Trump administration official Wayne Johnson joined host Danny Blackmon to stage a ‘Pig Pikin’ last Thursday at the EBM Office Solutions.

A large crowd gathered at decorated tables under a tent and enjoyed two, 120-pound pigs cooked over an open flame. Those in attendance included County Commission Chairman Carvel Lewis and Commissioners David Kinsey, Jim Hayes and Danny Blackmon. Also coming to enjoy the event were Sheriff Charles Davis, County Administrator Jason Weeks, School Board member Christi Green, and Tax Commissioner Mindy Ward.

Johnson shared his background and qualifications from his days at Lanier High School in Macon, ROTC scholarship at Mercer, four years active duty as an Army officer and years in banking and business leadership experience. Johnson noted, “Anyone who has launched new businesses and created new jobs encounters challenges along the way and it is the challenges that prepare us for service.”

County Commissioner Danny Blackmon in introducing Johnson agreed.

“There is not a doubt in my mind that Wayne is the most qualified candidate ready to go to work on day one in Washington,” said Blackmon. “He is the only candidate who I know will come alongside us and help us with our Growing Quitman plan.”

Growing Quitman County is designed to bring skilled and professional families to Quitman County. The plan calls for raising funds to purchase 100 acres of land and to then recruit hardworking families with an average of three school age children. Blackmon said he hopes to add approximately 60 children to our school system.

“I fully support Danny and his team on the plan to reinvigorate the population of Quitman County,” said Johnson. “Many communities in Middle and Southwest Georgia are dying as their populations decrease, and the people here are being proactive in finding a solution. That kind of attitude and thinking is exactly how I approach big problems.”  

Johnson said that the Growing Quitman plan would be a perfect match for the estimated one million Ukrainians who are likely to arrive in the United States.

“As we have seen on television as the country is at war with Putin and Russia, these are patriotic, hardworking people who believe strongly in the family unit,” said Johnson. “The Ukrainians are agriculturally based families, and that is a perfect fit for Quitman County.”

After answering questions about rural health, economic development, and other issues critical to the 2nd District, Johnson was asked by one participant if he would return to the area before two years when running for re-election.

“When I am elected, you can count on me to be back in Quitman County, forming an advisory group and staying in real contact with what the Commission is trying to do,” said Johnson.

 wj-headshot-1200x1280-20220130.pngJohnson is a rock-solid conservative candidate in the Republican Primary in the 2nd Congressional District covering Middle and Southwest Georgia. Johnson served as a Senior Official within the Trump Administration, was an officer in the U.S. Army and is an Eagle Scout.

Johnson is a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, farmer and businessman/job creator. He is pro-life and a serious gun owner.

Johnson obtained his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Mercer University and his MBA from Emory University. He was born, raised and resides in Macon, Georgia.



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