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Go ‘Dawgs! Johnson Wishes the Georgia Bulldogs Good Luck in Their National Championship Game Against Alabama.

Wayne, along with Wills American Bulldogs in Leesburg, wishes the Georgia Bulldogs good luck in their national championship game against Alabama.

“I know UGA is an English bulldog, but I started researching bulldog breeds and found that Alicia and Terry Wills were one of the most respected breeders of American bulldogs in the country and they were located right here in the 2nd District,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the American bulldog was saved from extinction in the 1940s by a Georgia man named John D. Johnson from Summerville. American Bulldogs are known as smart, strong, powerful working dogs. He said they are “tough enough to pull down a wild boar one minute and affectionately play with children the next.”

“It was a clear connection for me that in Washington, there are show dogs and there are work dogs. Sanford Bishop is all show, and he needs to go.” said Johnson. 

That’s the theme of the political ad that featured an American bulldog from the Wills farm along with the Wills’ three year-old “grandbaby” River, who with great enthusiasm delivered the closing line … “Go ‘Dawgs!”

Johnson said the Wills are “salt of the earth” Americans who represent the best of Georgia’s 2nd District. He also arranged to get a puppy from the Wills’ next litter.

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Johnson was born and raised in Macon, Georgia where he and his family continue to reside. He has established businesses within the district as well as other parts of Georgia. In addition to a career in banking and business consulting, he worked in the Trump Administration as a senior executive with the U.S. Department of Education. Johnson also has roots in Georgia agriculture, enjoying both cattle and tree farming. He is a pro-life conservative, a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment, an Eagle Scout and served as an Officer in the U.S. Army. Johnson obtained his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Mercer University and his MBA from Emory University.

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